After some years of successfully fighting a life-threatening disease in my life, here’s what I can say about our ailments, including common cold, & doctors: No doctor is as effective in fighting disease in your life as the doctor in you. There’s none.

The doctor in you is your immune system. Much of what doctors do is to try to make way for your immune system to do the work of healing in you.

It’s your immune system that fights diseases, viruses & other infections in you. If you keep your immune system in good shape, you may never be ill again for decades. Trust me.

Here are a few steps you can consistently stick to & you may never be sick again:

  1. Avoid sugar in every form, including soft drinks, cake, chocolate, ice cream etc. Sugar destroys your immunity.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation & stress suppress your immune function.
  3. Walk in the sun, especially early morning sun. Good morning sun blesses your body with vitamin D. Low vitamin D levels correlate with a greater risk of respiratory infection.
  4. Eat plenty vegetables & fruits. They are filled with rich phytonutrients that enhance your immunity.
  5. Take probiotic supplements. It’s believed that our intestines constitute 80% of our immunity. The good bacteria in us are part of the 80%. Rather than always taking anti-biotics that destroy both the good & bad bacteria, exposing us to more diseases with further destruction of our immune system, I advise you take more of probiotics which infuses more good bacteria to fight the bad ones.
  6. Eat garlic. Garlic is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent & immune booster. Because of the smell, take it at night once in a while if your spouse or friends don’t mind.
  7. Avoid constipation & foods that constipate you. Bread & milk have a way of causing me constipation. When I take some foods without sufficiently chewing them it has a way of causing me constipation. Constipation builds up bad bacteria in your system, leading to breakdown in your immunity.
  8. Take vitamin C often. Vitamin C deficiency has been associated with frequency and duration of colds, along with immune system defects
  9. Exercise enhances your immune system by giving a boost to the cells in your system that are assigned to fight bacteria. However, rigorous or too much exercise can actually negate your immunity, causing you to be weak & sick. Please note this!

Stick to the above 9 rules & you will remain healthy for years. Trust me.

I bet my entire money in the bank on these simple steps to great immunity.

Good morning.

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