About Us

Hello, I Am Emecheta

My story begins with the amazing discovery of the healing powers of natural foods and lifestyle when I was diagnosed with a tumour.

 On my quest for healing, I found out how the switch to healthy foods, and healthy lifestyle, did more to heal my body than medicine.

Having seen how healthy & natural foods could heal cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity etc, I decided to set up a Facebook page “Eat Right Stay Healthy” in 2012 to provide 130,000 followers in different parts of the world to unveil to the world the immense health benefit of healthy, organic foods, and lifestyle.

My healing story continues today with the launch of the “Eat Right” brand of healthy products to the public. The foods include Eat Right Oat flour, Eat Right Bean Flour, etc.

We are committed, therefore, to your Wellness through the supply of convenient, natural, and healthy provisions.

I am committed to unveiling to the world the immense health benefits of eating healthy, organic foods, and living a healthy lifestyle. Our motto: Let Food Be Thy Medicine

About our brand

Health is wealth…yes!
With alarming health crisis largely due to unhealthy eating, lots of Nigerians are becoming very conscious of what they put in their mouths .

What products does EatRight.Ng Sell?

Our flagship product is our EatRight Oat Flour.
Eat Right Oat Flour is a healthy alternative to regular SWALLOW that helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol.