Why should there be a discussion on supplementing food, when food is available? You know what I am talking about. Those vitamins, minerals etc that are packaged to supply you with same type of nutrients that you should get from your daily meal.

Don’t we have enough nutrients from food ?

Well, the following are given as reasons why we require food supplementation from those pills, tablets, capsules and liquids that we pop daily:

1. With time, our soil is getting depleted of its usual nutrient, causing the produce of our farms to produce lower levels of nutrients than what we used to have before. That means those fruits, vegetables etc do not have optimal levels of nutrients to support our wellbeing.

2. As food such as bread, baked beans etc get processed before getting to our plates, they lose appreciable levels of nutrients.

3. Modern stresses of life can limit our absorption of essential nutrients from our normal meals, requiring us to seek for more nutrients.

4. As you age, the ability of your body to convert food into essential nutrients depreciates.

Food or dietary supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients with a nutritional or physiological effect, for the purpose of supplementing your normal diet.

The above are some of the reasons why we require supplementation.

But, if for the above reasons we need food supplements, what types of food supplements are good for for us ?

First, there are 4 essential supplements that are good for you.


Multivitamin-multimineral complex consumption ensures that you get most of the critical nutrients your body needs. It also enables your system to appropriately convert your food into required energy. A study of American women conducted by National Institute For Environmental Health Sciences found that women who took such supplements age more gracefully and live longer.


This supplement is known to not only help you build healthy cell membranes, it enhances brain function, improves your vision, fights wrinkles, and protects your heart.


Our gastrointestinal tract contains billions of bacteria. Some are good while some are bad. The good bacteria help protect us from the bad bacteria, viruses and fungi that easily make us sick. These bacteria therefore help in boosting our immune system and enhance our food digestion.

However, due to frequent prescription and use of antibiotics, tons of these good bacteria get destroyed along with the bad ones. In addition to antibiotics, poor diet, chemical additives and toxins in our environment contribute to the destruction of good bacteria in our system.

Intake of good quality probiotics help to restore good bacteria back into our intestine.


Also known as sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is believed to help build strong bones / teeth, boost your immunity, and reduce the risk of cancer, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, brain decline etc.

Apart from the above 4 supplements, other types of supplements that are good for you include:
B Vitamins
coenzyme Q10

However, there are two main sources of food supplements. One source is synthesized from chemicals, while another is from natural sources such as vegetables, herbs, roots, fruits etc.

As an Alternative Health Coach, I strongly advocate that people go for natural dietary supplements as our bodies were not meant to use those chemically synthesized supplements. Please go for natural supplements sold at Natural Health Stores or Wellness Stores.

As soil nutrients deplete, as we get bombarded by packaged foods with diminished nutrients, and as we age, dietary supplementation will continue to be an essential part of our lives. Consult your doctor for further information.

Besides, unless otherwise noted on labels, always take supplements with food to improve absorption and avoid stomach upset.

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