I have always advocated that if you must take beef, chicken or fish, take it sparingly and take only the organic type.

Now, The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of U.S says 70% of U.S. Chickens contain cancer-causing Arsenic.

This cancer-causing toxic chemical, which in high doses could kill you, is being added to chicken feed on purpose, giving your favorite store-bought chicken the appearance of healthy coloring and plump look.

Have you been to the grocery section of your favorite Supermarket and seen the Chicken parts looking fresh & attractively pinky? It could have arsenic in it.

Arsenic has been clinically proven to be extremely toxic to human health, causing numerous neurological defects in developing fetuses and children.

The FDA has told Pfizer to stop making the arsenic-containing drug, Roxarsone, that was detected in the livers of about 50% of all chicken tested. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The agency said it recently conducted a study of 100 broiler chickens that detected inorganic arsenic at higher levels in the livers of chickens treated with 3-Nitro compared with untreated chickens … ”

Once more, I advocate less meat, less chicken & less fish in your meals for good health & fitness. Take them three times a week.

And if you must have beef, take grass-grown cow, goat etc. If you must take chicken, take free range chicken freshly prepared.

If you must go to your grocery store to buy chicken, make sure you check the following:

If the chicken meat looks bright pink in color, avoid it.

Ensure the fat content on the chicken is white to deep yellow, not gray or pasty.

Enjoy your day.

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