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EatRight Oat Flour


Become a Reseller of our healthy EatRight Oat Flour, a healthy super-food used in making healthy swallows that helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol.

Usually, when a food company is looking to move their products, they are looking for big supermarkets or, at the very least, big retailers who have a lot of people coming through their shops to carry their products.

That makes sense because that’s the #1 way to move the products in bulk and make a huge profit upfront. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But at EatRight, we’ve decided to do things a little different.

We know the power and leverage that the big supermarkets or big retailers have to move products at large volume, BUT we also know the value and leverage that ONE person can have in their own community.

We want to empower individuals who don’t have that much capital to start their own business while also improving the health of their community.

Get started as an EatRight Oat flour Reseller by purchasing just TWO cartons of the product.

What products does EatRight.Ng Sell?

Our flagship product is our EatRight Oat Flour.

Eat Right Oat Flour is a healthy alternative to regular SWALLOW that helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol.

Eat Right Oat Flour is a healthy super-food that tastes delicious, and is also easier to make than most swallows that are not as healthy (like Eba, Amala, Starch, etc)

It can also be used as a thickener for soups, for pancakes, and partly used in cakes & bread.

The best thing is anyone can become an EatRight Distributor. No shop or expert sales skills is required.

In fact, an EatRight Reseller can do this alongside whatever their current hustle is to put that extra N 5,000, N 10,000 in their pocket each week. They get to determine how much they make.

We do the promotions and make people aware of this product in the marketplace and all the Reseller needs to do is let their friends, family and acquaintances know that they are a Reseller for EatRight Oat Flour and they don’t need to go far to get their hands on it.

Interested In Becoming A Reseller?

Simply send us a message through our “Contact Us” page.

Once that is done, an EatRight Rep will be in touch to get a few more details and it’s time to get started! 🤗

Know of someone who might be interested? Refer them too!

1 Comment

  • Kemi Alabi Posted July 31, 2020 10:49 am

    I’m interested to become a distributor in Lagos and Ilorin.

    Interested in the Oat Meal.

    I share in the Vision of Eat Right.

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