There is a kind of food revolution going on around the world. It’s a revolution that promises and delivers on astounding results on farm products. It delivers on bigger and better farm products.

It delivers on bigger, better and sweeter farm products like corn, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, soya beans, milk, etc etc.

It delivers on farm products that are resistant to pests, and herbicides.

It is called GMO.

GMO, “genetically modified organism”, means the good quality gene of one specie of animal or plant is spliced into an entirely different specie of plant, just to make that plant bear that better genetic quality of that plant or animal, making it bigger, better, sweeter, more productive, more resistant to pests etc etc.

Are you aware that spider genes are being spliced into goats so that the goat’s milk will have spider milk ? Cow genes are being spliced into pigs so as to make their skin be like cow skin?


The intestinal wall is a complex system that absorbs nutrients from familiar food substances into our bloodstream, while preventing unfamiliar substances from getting to the bloodstream.

Over time, the intestinal walls get weakened. When the walls get weak or leaky, food substances instead of nutrients leak through the walls into the bloodstream. The immune system (which the intestine and some bacteria are part of) reacts to combat the invading food substances. This response creates inflammation. This inflammatory response weakens the intestinal walls the more. This vicious cycle, with time weakens the immune system, and diseases set in.

In the same vein, when GMO food comes in contact with the intestinal walls, many now believe that, the system perceives the food as strange invaders and inflammatory response sets in. The inflammation weakens the intestinal walls and strange substances leak into our bloodstream, causing diseases.

Diseases that have become common in the world today with the introduction of GMO foods include cancer, gastrointestinal infections, allergies, autoimmune disease, kidney disease, chronic constipation, Crohn’s disease, gastroesophageal reflux, ulcerative colitis, etc etc.

Much of the soya, corn, canola, tomatoes & sugar beets grown in most US farms are now genetically engineered, and they get used as ingredients in packaged & processed foods.

GMO seeds are made by biotech firms such as MONSANTO in the US. Of course the main objective of these biotech firms is their profits and not your health. The seeds they make cannot be replanted. The seeds are patented in the name of the company that created the seeds. So, whenever you need to plant these seeds, you have to buy the seeds from the companies that created them.

Besides, the Biotech firms have created herbicides that can kill all the weeds or other plants in the farm but will not destroy the GMO plants.

Of course, all these are against the Laws and course of nature.

Countries such as Germany, France, Japan, Italy, England have banned GMOs because of the controversies surrounding the health risks of the GMOs.

However, third world countries, such as Nigeria, are joining the bandwagon in accepting GMO in the agricultural sector.

The introduction of GMO foods has dangerous health consequences.

Wherever they appear, citizens are to rise against them.

As an individual, strive to make wise choices. Seek to buy your farm produce from local markets who get their supplies from village farms.

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